The horrors of the mission last for as long as the mind.
An agent struggles with horrors, looking to root out an evil before it can consume him. 
A man struggles with his humanity during the event which gave birth to DELTA GREEN. 
An apartment building has become the focus for chaos, insanity and death. For Delta Green. 
A murderer is loose on Long Island, and its not human, but the perpetrator is. For Delta Green. 
Something haunts the house on Spooner Avenue which feeds on minds. It’s up to Delta Green to stop it. 
Something odd crashes near a near-abandoned air force base, care to take a look? For Delta Green.
A bizarre mathematical formulae sets off a chain of horror Delta Green must stop. 
A mysterious creature is killed in 1920’s rural Mexico? But what is the Mother? For Call of Cthulhu.
A 1920’s Prohibition adventure for Call of Cthulhu. Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu and gangsters.
A superhuman Talent who can turn steel to glass? Can you find and eliminate the Glazier? For GODLIKE.
The war comes to America in this scenario for GODLIKE. You are larger than life, but the war is larger than you.
A stand alone horror generic RPG based on the One Roll Engine, by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze.
A stand alone surreal RPG based on the works of Robert Chambers’ “The King in Yellow“.